Brian Kim: IHOP-KC Staff Interview

I decided to google Brian Kim, staff member at IHOP-KC and director of the Luke18 Project, after Cindy Jacobs mentioned him as an “Ezekiel Prophet” in her message during Awakening 2011, and I came across this interview. It was really encouraging!

I believe that over the next five to ten years, we are going to see traditional field missionaries, church planters, and evangelists teaming up with intercessory missionaries, and that together they will reach some of the least-reached peoples of the world. I believe that God is establishing intercessory missionaries to gain “air supremacy” over regions with intercessory worship and prayer so that the “ground troops” can reap a great harvest in the hardest-to-reach places, among the least-reached peoples. I am excited to see prayer and missions come together in a more dynamic way for the task of the Great Commission.

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